Cuvée Grenat
Millésime 2012

Cuvée Grenat Millésime 2012 has a beautiful green gold colour and a steady, regular stream of bubbles. The overall impression of this 2012 vintage is one of serenity and maturity.

The nose opens with a rich bouquet of autumnal notes such as Mirabelle plum, cinnamon, melted butter and acacia honey. This then gradually gives way to an earthiness from thyme and hints of undergrowth. Cuvée Grenat Millésime 2012 has a complex, fully expressive nose worthy of pairing with food.

The attack is vibrant and full of energy. The acidity and fizz then mellow into the body of the wine which becomes fuller and gentler.




Pinot Noir

Le mot du chef de Cave

A word from our Cellar Master

'Cuvée Grenat Millésimée 2012 is mature and complex with beautiful balance and a touch of classicism. It has the requisite flavour complexity for serving with food.'Jean-Christophe LENFANT

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