Cuvée Grenat Millésime 2010

This 2010 vintage is a magnificent golden colour with a generous amount of fine, well-defined bubbles.

The nose opens with a complex mix of autumn notes of spiced honey and undergrowth with lactic undertones before transporting us to summer with its yellow flower and preserved citrus aromas.

The palate offers a fresh, well-defined flavour which develops into a very lovely creamy mouthfeel.




Pinot Noir

Le mot du chef de Cave

A word from our Cellar Master

"This is a complex, extremely aromatic Champagne which goes well with food".Jean-Christophe LENFANT

La cuvée Boisée Édition limitée

La Cuvée Boisée est aussi proposée en édition limitée et numérotée dans un coffret bois et coiffée d’une plaque de muselet en bois.

La Cuvée Boisée is also available as a limited and numbered edition in a wooden presentation case and adorned with a wooden cap.

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In the same Range