Brut Rosé

With light, fine bubbles, our Brut Rosé has a pale copper-coloured robe.
An initial nose that is very fruity with scents of wild blackberries and strawberries, evolving into more developed notes of butterscotch and caramel.
A supple, exuberant and relatively round attack. An impression of softness which brings back flavours from the bouquet of strawberries and even kirsch black cherries.

A very modern and attractive rosé Champagne, marked by a voluptuous roundness. A juicy yet silky texture on the palate adds to the appeal.

30 %


30 %

Pinot Noir

40 %

Pinot Meunier with 15 % vinified red

Le mot du chef de Cave

A word from our Cellar Master

"A modern and attractive rosé Champagne, marked by a rounded lightness. A soft texture and soothing sensation on the palate add to the general appeal".Jean-Christophe LENFANT

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