Cuvée 30&3
Extra Brut

The Cuvee 30&3 is crafted from a subtle blend of 30% Meunier vinified in oak barrels and 70% Chardonnay. Its dosage of 3g/l makes this an Extra Brut Champagne.

The Cuvee 30&3 also refers to the history of our region, since 33 kings were crowned in Reims, 30 in the Cathedral and 3 in the Saint-Remi Basilica*.

The Cuvee 30&3 is an original, complex and gourmet Champagne… making the enjoyment of this Champagne a special, even regal, moment!

*According to several sources.


Meunier vinified in oak barrels



Le mot du chef de Cave

A word from our Cellar Master

"The 30&3 Extra-Brut Cuvee is a champagne with an unashamedly strong character, whose freshness is both aromatic and well- balanced in its power."Jean-Christophe LENFANT

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